I miss home!!

I miss home. I really do. I have a fren in my school name Foong. She is away from home too. And she miss her family and friends as much as i do miss mine. She told me a lot about her boyfriend and her family. She told me that she regret that she came here. It's not because the studying is tough. It's because it's really tough living alone in a foreign country with a group of foreign people. Everyday, i told myself, i can make it through. I can. I can. But it's just not so simple as said. It feels really terrible waking up every morning at the wrong side of the bed. And knowing that you gotta face a group of people you dont know. The moment i step into the school, i will be looking at the time. Wishing that the time flies. And i can end school quickly. Waiting for the next day to come. It feels silly and miserable in the same time. And the worst thing in life is not getting to meet the people you cared most and you loved most. I used to spend plenty of time talking to baby. Hanging out wit baby. Studying with baby. But here, it's all different. I dont get to see him that often. I dont get to touch him like i used to. I really miss him and home. Besides, the time difference in here and M'sia is cutting down our talking time. I miss home. @@ And i miss money zai. =(

The First Happy Day IN Aussie!!!

I guess yesterday was the happiest day I had in Australia.
In the morning, I woke my big fat baby up.
Actually i didn't intend to wake him up.
i just wanted to look at his big fat piggy face.
Unfortunately, HE WOKE!!!
Of course I am damn happy.
After awhile of chatting, he said he was hungry.
And so he went down for breakfast.
But popo didn't cook.
So he ordered McD.
And he wanted to wait for McD downstairs.
So he brought his laptop down.
I skype with him, talk to him.

Popo kept asking him about me.
So he thought maybe it's better that he let popo talk to me.
I chat with popo awhile.
She ask a lot about me.
The wheather in Aussie.
Do i get to sleep well.
Who am i living with.
And many more.

Done talking wit popo.
Baby say he want to go for a game.
Dota again. ==
Around 3 smth.
His mom came down.
And she came to talk to me too.

She webcam me. @@
I look so fugly.
But it's okay nar.
Mami ask a lot about me.
And she said that i sound like i wana cry.
But i wasn't.
Until she ask if i would like to go back to M'sia.
I told her i want to.
But i can't.
I felt a tingle in my heart.
I didn't want her to be worried.
So i held my tears up. @@

We webcam for almost 6 hours.
When we first webcam, I was in the dining room.
From dining table to living room.
From living room to my room.
And finally baby wanted to go up for a bath.
So we ended the call with mami.

Baby, I was happy that your family care about me.
Thanks a lot.
Now that your mami is helping me to 'gap g' you.
I am more release.
You dont tink u can try flirting with other gals now.
Mami will make you bald. =.=
Mami said that she will make sure she scares off all the 'lalat' chasing over you.
No ppl gonna fight my bi with me.

Baby, i told your mami about you coming to Aussie to study with me after 2 years.
Mami said that she is worried that no1 will look after you here.
But I might be getting a house and a car here.
You can always live with me.
And is Mun wants to study with me too.
We all can live together.
I hope you can really think about it before giving excuses to any1.

And I wish, your mami will bring you to Sydney in June.
Mami ask you to save more savings first, then she will allow you to visit me.
So work hard ya baby.
Study hard too.
Whether you want to come to Aussie or not,
you still have to study well
And score good grades.
If not, you hardly can get a good U.

Baby, jia you!!
And sorry baby that i 'fat your pi qi'
I didn't mean to.
But i want you to sleep early is for your own good nar.
If you dont wish to blog,
I TRY MY BEST to not FORCE you. ^^

I Love Baby & Family

1st Day of School

As usual, when something new comes up, I will automatically become moody. This morning I was really moody. But no matter what, I have to go to school. It sucks. There were 7 new students including me. 2 was international students. And the rest is local students. I wanted to make some friends to heal the damage in me. So i started talking to this international gal. She is from Vietnam, in year 11 like me. Her name is Phuong. Pronounce as Fong. We waited at the office for almost 2 hours. And wasted our time looking for head subjects to sign our paper for another 2 hours. We have to get our paper signed so that we know which teacher will be teaching us. And got our timetable printed in order to find our classes for every subject. Australia school is different from Malaysian's school. You have to carry your bag all around the world to look for your class. I started studying at 12 something. It's weird studying in a class with a bunch of strangers. Haihz. I had my lunch with the vietnam gal. And we talk a lot. She's actually going through the same thing with me, but worst. She is living with her brother, aunt and uncle here at Australia. And she misses her friends back at Vietnam. She told me this is going to be really tough. Because she hardly can speak in english. She even cant understand what I am trying to say. I do pity her too. She told me she came here because she wanted a better future. And she had to work hard no matter what. I'm impressed. So, i guess the rest of my lunch here at Aussie will be eating with her. She's a nice friend thou. Anyway, i did knew a few other friends too. One of them is Natasha. I knew her because my mom knows her mom. @@ She's friendly. And hyper. @@ That's it for school stuff. Today baby went out. But i wasnt really happy about it. Because YOU DIDN'T EVEN GO OUT WITH MY FAMILY BEFORE LO!!!! I was quite angry. But nevermind la. I told him how i feel. And he kinda understand how i am feeling. So i am sure he wont upset me anymore with it. Waiting for him to come home. I miss him so much. Haven really talk to him today. Baby, i love you. Waiting for you to come home.


Every day, at night, I just miss you extra much. I forced myself not to cry. To stay strong. I told myself not to be sad and face the fact that no matter how much i cry, how sad i am, things will never change. But i never knew why, the tears just slide down my face every night. Today is my chinese birthday. And it makes me think of you again. How good if I am at Malaysia. Because i know that we will have plenty of good times together. I really miss you. Tears just wont let me go. They just keep on coming to me. And haunt me. I dont know how long will this haunt me. But i know i had enough of it already. Almost everyday since i reach here, i want to cry, i want to give up. No matter how hopeful was the day, till evening, i will be dead sad. All i can do now is to pray to god. Asking god for help. To seek for his help to get through the tough time. Stop all my tears, give me the strength to go through this. I love you god. I love you always baby!!

Will be attending school tomorrow and i am not really excited about it.
Wishing everything will be fine.


Much Better...

Feeling much better right now after having a long theory chat with Mun. We chat about many stuff. And beneath, there's something about baby. There's something i just want you to know. So will be posting our me and her conversation. I have confidence in you baby. And i hope u really could do it too. I love you.
♡тзиq+ says: (9:31:35 PM)i am thinkin about our relation
♡тзиq+ says: (9:31:47 PM)i somehow dun blif tat me and him cannot last
♡тзиq+ says: (9:31:49 PM)i mean
♡тзиq+ [ says: (9:31:58 PM)look at ze yen and jia jun
Carmen says: (9:32:02 PM)yea
♡тзиq+ [ says: (9:32:12 PM)after years and years
♡тзиq+ [ says: (9:32:22 PM)they're still together
Carmen says: (9:32:22 PM)most ppl doesn;'t last when it coems to long distance relationship
♡тзиq+ says: (9:32:32 PM)but amazingly
♡тзиq+ says: (9:32:36 PM)they suceeded
Carmen says: (9:32:39 PM)most probably because they don believe that ldr will work
Carmen says: (9:32:45 PM)they don believe each other
♡тзиq+ says: (9:32:49 PM)ya true also
♡тзиq+ says: (9:32:56 PM)and i was thiking
♡тзиq+ says: (9:33:00 PM)nth can change us
♡тзиq+ says: (9:33:04 PM)unless he change
♡тзиq+ says: (9:33:05 PM)=(
Carmen says: (9:33:12 PM)to continue a relationship needs a lot of sacrifice, communications
♡тзиq+ says: (9:33:17 PM)yes
Carmen says: (9:33:20 PM)understanding for each other
♡тзиq+ says: (9:33:20 PM)damn lot
Carmen says: (9:34:24 PM)erm
Carmen says: (9:34:29 PM)i wan a smarter guy
♡тзиq+ says: (9:34:34 PM)for wut?
Carmen says: (9:34:35 PM)like i wan a guy
Carmen says: (9:34:39 PM)who likes to study
Carmen says: (9:34:41 PM)not likes la
Carmen says: (9:34:45 PM)i mean at least good in study lar
Carmen says: (9:35:00 PM)and like with a better attitude
♡тзиq+ says: (9:35:36 PM)ur school got nerdy boys who wear few inch thick de specs and button all up wit many books all the time??
♡тзиq+ says: (9:35:39 PM)if u do so
♡тзиq+ says: (9:35:46 PM)please keep his number
♡тзиq+ says: (9:35:56 PM)u might want to marry him in future
Carmen says: (9:36:04 PM)HAHAHA
Carmen says: (9:36:05 PM)CHOI
Carmen says: (9:36:05 PM)Hhahahhaha
Carmen says: (9:36:08 PM)not thatr type lar!
Carmen says: (9:36:10 PM)hahahaha
♡тзиq+ says: (9:37:38 PM)haihz
♡тзиq+ says: (9:37:47 PM)i love leslie
♡тзиq+ says: (9:37:52 PM)i mean he is not very smart
♡тзиq+ says: (9:37:59 PM)but he is willing to work hard
Carmen says: (9:38:04 PM)yup
♡тзиq+ says: (9:38:08 PM)mayb sometimes he damn lazy la
♡тзиq+ says: (9:38:21 PM)but still he is mature enuf to know tat his future is important
♡тзиq+ says: (9:38:32 PM)he knnow he cant be a doctor or profesional
Carmen says: (9:38:39 PM)love means different things to different ppl. so i cant say that 'oh leslie is a very bad guy for u' or somehting liek this
Carmen says: (9:38:42 PM)that's why
♡тзиq+ says: (9:38:42 PM)but he choose the best from k classes'
Carmen says: (9:40:34 PM)it takes two hands to clap and if one person willing to make all the sacrifices to keep a relationship keep going, its not enough
Carmen says: (9:40:35 PM)ahaha
♡тзиq+ says: (9:41:09 PM)yes
♡тзиq+ says: (9:41:12 PM)it's true
♡тзиq+ says: (9:41:20 PM)one hand doesnt claps
♡тзиq+ says: (9:41:25 PM)reli
♡тзиq+ says: (9:41:31 PM)if leslie dun work on with me
♡тзиq+ says: (9:41:38 PM)i dun tink we can last this long
Carmen says: (9:41:42 PM)THERE WILL BE NO POINT
Carmen says: (9:41:44 PM)JAAAHHA
♡тзиq+ says: (9:42:01 PM)for at least i know we both are working hard for one same target
Carmen says: (9:42:09 PM)oh yea
♡тзиq+ says: (9:42:26 PM)to hold on to this love tat we cherished and to work for the future tat we're gonna face


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